The Acts of Sin

The Israelites did not behave well when Moses was on Mount Sinai (Exodus 32:1). It is not surprising regarding what they did with the golden calf, for they were demonstrating some serious acts of sin — and one sin leads to another.

The Restlessness of the People

“And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount” was a testing time for the people and they failed miserably. They could not wait on God’s time but were impatient about moving on (cp. Psalm 27:14). Waiting on God is vital if we are going to do His will. Waiting reveals our faith in and our submission to God. Satan is behind much of the impatience of people. Why wait until marriage, do it now is one of his favorite arguments. Why wait on labor, gamble and win it big now is another or his arguments. God’s time is too long for the flesh, but it is best if you wish to succeed where it matters the most.

The Rebellion of the People

“Up, make us gods, which shall go before us” was a rebellion to the first of the ten commandments (Exodus 20:4-5). It was inexcusable conduct, and most sin is inexcusable. People know they should not do it but they do it anyway because they will not submit to God’s will. This rebellion revealed the insincerity of their hearts (cp. Exodus 19:8). Many people’s religion is nothing but talk. Aaron’s cooperation with the rebellion revealed his own compromised character. He was like many preachers who preach what the people want to hear, for they want to keep their job rather than do a job (2 Timothy 4:1-5).

The Reviling of the People

When the Israelites said, “we do not know what has become of him,” it demonstrated their disdainful attitude towards Moses. They also lied, for they knew where he was and why he was there (Exodus 24:14). Reviling God’s servant and anything that has to do with God does not require honesty. Sinful people do not respect God’s servants. Many church members belittle God’s servants, treat them disrespectfully, and show the same attitude towards God.

Kyle Campbell

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