“The Book of Daniel”

In 2006, NBC produced a series called The Book of Daniel. NBC touted the show as a serious drama. The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis. Webster regularly saw and talked with a white-robed, bearded Jesus. The Webster family is rounded out by a 23-year-old homosexual son, a 16-year-old drug dealing daughter, and a 16-year-old adopted son who’s having sex with the bishop’s daughter. In the premier episode, Daniel’s brother-in-law Charlie ran off with Jesse, his secretary. Later viewers find out that she’s also having a lesbian affair with Charlie’s wife.

But Daniel is worse than just that. The “Reverend” sometimes “hangs” with Jesus Christ, or at least his vision of Jesus. Out of nowhere, this “Savior” will appear, looking like an understudy for Jesus Christ Superstar. When the “Reverend” asked Jesus for advice about his dealer daughter, the laid back “Son of God” tells him to “chill.” When the “Reverend” asked for help with his brother-in-law stealing church funds, the “mellow Messiah” tells the “Reverend” not to “sweat it.”

I guess it’s not enough that television routinely promotes all kinds of sexual immorality, but it routinely and glibly portrays Jesus in an ungodly, sacrilegious way. Our Lord was sinless and serious about His work (John 9:4). Those who preach His gospel are to be righteous, not ungodly and lacking self-control (2 Timothy 2:22; Galatians 5:19-21). People have to look to the Bible for their standards (2 Timothy 3:16-17), not some wicked television show. I’m glad this one died a quick death in the ratings.

Kyle Campbell

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