The Changing Denominations: Introduction

Societal changes in this country’s cultural landscape are causing churches to make drastic changes. Familiar denominationalism is not the wave of the future. Therefore, churches that are seeing their membership gradually declining are analyzing what they must do to spur church growth. Reacting to the loss of membership, churches are fighting back, using whatever appeals will draw the largest crowd.

Rejecting the idea that the crucified Christ is sufficient to draw men (John 12:32), “community churches” are using many other things to draw a crowd. The fastest growing churches in most communities are “community churches.” Some “community churches” have reached “mega-church” status; that is, having over 1,000 in membership (there are about 1,000 churches in America with 1,000 in attendance).

Although “community churches” have memberships that go as high as 15,000, are they pleasing to God? Jesus said,“Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up” (Matthew 15:13). Jesus was speaking of “religious” groups which the Lord never created. Christ built His church (Matthew 16:18), and man must not change it.

Over the next several weeks, this article will examine how denominations are changing to accommodate the consumerism found in today’s society and how the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and faithful Christians must stand opposed to the innovations and doctrines of man.

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