The Kind of Problems We Need

Multiple New Testament epistles were written in an attempt to correct problems within the body of Christ. The Lord knows that churches of Christ in this day have had problems, most of which have had disastrous results and should, if possible, never be repeated. However, some church problems should be energetically sought. I know that is an odd sentiment but think about these:

  1. The problem of not enough parking spaces and pews. Would it not be great if we ran out of them?
  2. The problem of requests for so many home Bible studies that we cannot handle them. What if we had so many people asking us to teach them the Word of God it would be necessary to put some of them on a waiting list? Would that be great or what!
  3. The problem of too many members of the church wanting to teach Bible classes. Would it not be wonderful if we had to take numbers and wait in line just to get to teach one of our Bible classes?
  4. The problem of so many students who wish to attend Bible classes, making it necessary to add on classrooms. Give us plenty of this kind of problem!
  5. The problem of wanting to support more evangelists than are available to go into hard places to preach. What a lift it would be if we had so much surplus money that we had to seek out faithful preachers to support.
  6. The problem of debating among ourselves. What if brethren wanted to debate each other over the best way to do personal evangelism and convince sinners to be converted to Christ? Debates on how to further the cause of Christ throughout the world would be a wonderful problem! Do you agree that these are good problems to have?

Do you agree that Christians have had more than enough of the other kind of problems? Do you think we will ever have any of these good types of problems? I sure hope so. With an adjustment to our outlook, we can generate multiple problems that will please God, make us stronger in His kingdom, and allow more people to go to Heaven. We should always want to “abound more and more” (1 Thessalonians 4:1), so go ahead and start something!

Kyle Campbell