The Weaknesses of Evolution

Texas schools currently operate under a rule that requires both the strengths and weaknesses of all scientific theories to be taught. The proposal under consideration would drop this rule and students would receive a biased, one-sided view favoring evolution. The theory of evolution does have some scientific weaknesses. We will examine four of them in this post.

First, evolution violates the Law of Biogenesis. This scientific law states that life comes only from pre-existing life. The theory of evolution argues against this established law and states that life sprang forth from non-living matter. Science has yet to witness the spontaneous generation of life from non-living matter.

Second, evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This law states that as energy is transformed from one form into another, less of the total energy is available to be utilized in further transformations. In other words, left alone, all-natural processes lead to a less ordered, less organized state. We observe this law in everyday life. For instance, left to itself, does your house get dirty or clean? The theory of evolution argues against this law, stating that life has naturally progressed from a disorganized state (one-celled organisms) to a highly organized state (plants and animals).

Third, evolution is a mathematical impossibility. Did you know that the probability of the chance development of a very simple system composed of only 200 integrated parts is 1 out of 10,375? Mathematicians generally consider any event with a probability of less than one chance in 1,050 as having a zero possibility, i.e., it is impossible. A system composed of only 200 parts is an impossibility, yet that system is less complex than any known living system!

Fourth, evolution is not supported by the fossil record. The fossils preserved in the earth’s crust provide a kind of “written” record of events that have occurred throughout the history of this planet. If evolution occurred, then we should find evidence of this process in the fossil record. However, after over 200 years of searching, the fossil record has yet to provide any evidence of these transitional or missing links between the species.

Any theory that argues in favor of an entirely naturalistic cause for life argues against the existence of God. This is what lies at the heart of the debate over evolution. It is not about science. If it were about science, it would have been abandoned by the scientific community long ago. The promotion of the theory of evolution is about proving that God does not exist! God made the world and everything in it (Acts 17:24)!

Real science is about establishing facts, not promoting agendas. Facts are stubborn. Evolution does not pass the test of true science. Why, then, are public schools, universities, nature programs on television, etc., so intent on teaching this theory?

Adapted from Heath Rogers