“They Immediately Left Their Nets …”

Jesus saw Simon and Andrew fishing and said, “‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.’ They immediately left their nets and followed Him” (Mark 1:16-17). This account illustrates what the reaction of all men ought to be to the invitation of Christ.

Christ invites men to follow Him; His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30). Today, He does not do this in person, but through His disciples as they preach the word (Mark 16:15). It is a voluntary invitation, that is He will not force any to accept it (Revelation 22:17). However, there are consequences to turning down His invitation (Mark 16:16).

When the disciples left their nets, they left their old way of life. We, too, must leave our old way of life (Acts 3:19). The Lord expects us to turn from our sinful ways and begin life anew in Him (cf. Romans 6:3-4). Remember, looking back can cost us dearly (Luke 17:32).

When the invitation of Christ is extended to us, we should immediately answer it. Having an understanding that Jesus is the Christ ought to compel a man to inquire what the Master would have him do (cp. Acts 2:37). The answer is simple: repent and be baptized for forgiveness (Acts 2:38).

Steven F. Deaton