Twenty Psalms To Read When Life Is Miserable

Making the Psalms a consistent part of our time studying the Bible is enriching and important. Since they are the songs of ancient Israel, the Psalms are meant to be sung and prayed, and there are specific psalms that were written to help us when life is bleak and we feel miserable. The individual and communal laments are the largest categories of psalms. These psalms lay a troubling situation before the Lord and ask Him for help. They can be about broad community problems or individual struggles. There are also songs of confidence and comfort — these psalms enable worshippers to deepen trust in God by reminding us of God’s goodness and desire for us.

Here are twenty psalms, mostly psalms of lament and songs of comfort, to help you as you struggle through a hard season of life. We pray they will move you to remember the mighty love of God for you — He is steadfast, always rich in mercy, and will never leave your side.

  1. Psalm 5: When you are persecuted.
  2. Psalm 6: When you are depressed.
  3. Psalm 16: When you are confused.
  4. Psalm 17: When you feel alone.
  5. Psalm 18: When life feels precarious.
  6. Psalm 22: When you feel forgotten.
  7. Psalm 25: When you feel ashamed.
  8. Psalm 27: When you are afraid.
  9. Psalm 31: When you need someone to rescue.
  10. Psalm 33: When you are worried about the world.
  11. Psalm 37: When you doubt that your life will matter.
  12. Psalm 40: When life keeps getting worse.
  13. Psalm 42: When life seems hopeless.
  14. Psalm 51: When you need forgiveness.
  15. Psalm 53: When you doubt God’s existence.
  16. Psalm 55: When people malign you.
  17. Psalm 63: When you are desperate.
  18. Psalm 73: When you are confused about God’s plan.
  19. Psalm 86: When you are overwhelmed by your own neediness.
  20. Psalm 94: When you are drowning in anxiety and stress.

Sue Schlesman

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