What Is Religious Authority?

In Matthew 21:25, Jesus posed a question to the scribes and Pharisees. He asked them if the baptism of John was from heaven or men. The Lord was asking them to make a decision of whose authority must be followed. The scribes and Pharisees seemed to know the answer, but they did not answer because they were in a difficult spot.

This question is still valid now. People in the religious world who want to please God must make a decision. They must decide whose authority they will follow. If they follow the authority of men, they will follow creeds and catechisms which direct them further and further away from the will of God. If they follow the authority of God, they must “speak as the oracles of God” (1 Peter 4:11).

Following authority from heaven sometimes means that we are going to make enemies along the way. Jesus never promised that following true authority would win us friends and admiration. In fact, it is often the opposite (Matthew 10:35-36). Truth has a way of causing division among people who are determined to follow two different sources of authority.

Are you tired of the confusion in the religious world today? Are you weary of seeing people do things that are against the Bible in the name of “religion”? Do you wonder about the true teachings of Christ? Come and join us to find out about authority from heaven and God’s plan for your life.

Kyle Campbell