Guidelines for Effective Teachers

One of the most important parts of any congregation is its Bible classes. It is in Bible classes that children and older students have the best opportunities to learn the deeper truths of the scriptures. A congregation with a sound Bible class program will be much stronger in faith and much more effective in edifying […]

How Close a Friend are You to Jesus?

A lot of people consider themselves friends of Jesus. A friend is usually thought of someone who knows someone else and has some kind of mutual bond. What does a true friend of Jesus do? There are several characteristics that will help us. First, a true friend keeps His commandments (Luke 17:10; John 15:13-14; 14:15; […]

Will Robots Change Our Spirituality?

Last week, David O’Hara published a piece titled, “How Robot Priests Will Change Human Spirituality.” He explores the interesting question of what to do when someone makes a machine that is actually intended to play the role of a preacher or function in a ministerial role. Some preachers joke that they help people “hatch, match, […]

The Year of the Bible

This year has been declared the “Year of the Bible” according to various religious leaders around the world. Founder of “Year of the Bible,” Nick Hall told Fox News: “They’re bringing together resources to help believers and nonbelievers alike to engage with the Bible like never before. He said the Bible is the most influential […]

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

As we begin 2020, it’s the time of year where we make resolutions to better ourselves. These resolutions can range from fitness, to growing in knowledge, to the most important of all — giving up the cares and temptations of this world. Some of these temptations we may have been struggling with for years, and […]