Guidelines for Effective Teachers

One of the most important parts of any congregation is its Bible classes. It is in Bible classes that children and older students have the best opportunities to learn the deeper truths of the scriptures. A congregation with a sound Bible class program will be much stronger in faith and much more effective in edifying the local saints (Colossians 1:28). To have an effective Bible class program, a congregation needs two elements. First, they need a good study series. Classes wherein students study directly from the scriptures or from sound material prepared beforehand by knowledgeable men and women will be good for the edification of the church. Second, they need good teachers. Good and effective learning requires good abilities in teaching. Congregations need to develop these abilities in faithful men and women (2 Timothy 2:2).

Every teacher benefits from helpful suggestions, so these few are presented with the intent of helping our teachers at the Loop. First, come prepared. Do not come to class without spending sufficient time to fully know the lesson. When a teacher does not know the lesson and the pertinent background information, the students suffer in knowledge and do not have confidence in the teacher. If you do not have the answer to a question, find out and tell them the next class period. Second, find a substitute if you are unable to attend. Nothing says you do not care like leaving your class in hopes that someone will teach. If you are not able to teach at your designated time, call someone. Do not leave your class without a teacher. Third, do not become discouraged. Sometimes students take years to fully understand some of the truths in the Bible. Your instruction may lay the groundwork for them to be top-notch Bible students and teachers themselves one day, even if they appear to not have made much progress in your class.

A good Bible class program is a staple for a congregation, but no congregation will have good Bible classes unless the teachers are dedicated and responsible. Let’s make certain that all our classes are the best they can be and fulfill the Lord’s desire for instruction and edification.

Kyle Campbell