Would You Treat Your Guests Like This?

Some guests visit our assembly. Upon their arrival, we barely notice them. Perhaps we nod or grunt a “hello” in their direction. We have already expected them to park far from the door, because our own members conveniently use the nearest parking spaces. When they enter the auditorium, they find that all the best seats […]

Christ our Refuge

Under the Levitical system, God appointed or sanctified cities for the purpose of protecting those who had accidentally slain a fellow Jew. Of the 48 cities assigned to the Levites, six were designated as cities of refuge, three on either side of the Jordan River (Numbers 35:6-7; Joshua 20:7-8). In the ancient Near East if […]

Does Silence Authorize Opinion?

Have you ever been discussing applications of authority with someone, and run into the argument that if the New Testament is silent on a specific subject, then man is free to exercise his opinion on that matter? It usually goes like this: “Yes, I realize the New Testament does not authorize it, but neither does […]