Would You Treat Your Guests Like This?

Some guests visit our assembly. Upon their arrival, we barely notice them. Perhaps we nod or grunt a “hello” in their direction. We have already expected them to park far from the door, because our own members conveniently use the nearest parking spaces. When they enter the auditorium, they find that all the best seats have been occupied. Only a few seats way up near the front are available. No one gets up or offers them any assistance in locating a place to sit. At the end of the worship hour, everyone is busy with their friends, and no one speaks to them. They make the long walk to their car and drive away.

If the following scenario were to play out at our congregation, do you think those visitors would be glad they came? Do you think they would ever want to visit again? More importantly, would you treat a guest in your home like this?

We need and want visitors to attend our assemblies. If we do not extend a genuine welcome, they will not return. We need the cooperation of every member — giving up the best parking spaces, surrendering the preferred seats, and warmly greeting the visitors. God holds us accountable for how well we greet people who come into our assemblies (James 2:1-10). Will you do your part?

Adapted from Greg Gwin