Alienated by Technology

Ten years ago, we were all given a big promise of community, civics, and convenience — through the magic of technology (phones, tablets, etc.). Ten years on, we’re dislocated, distrustful, and disengaged. We, regrettably, have been alienated by technology. Perhaps the ones who will pay the highest price will be the youngest in society: the […]

Did Paul go to Heaven When He Died?

To answer this question there is only one place we may go: to his writings. Thus we will consider Paul’s writings and in doing so will look at different periods in his life and the things he wrote during those times. We will examine his early letters in the years circa A.D. 52-53, to his epistles […]

What Does Your Church Look Like?

For at least a couple of decades, denominational churches have pushed their “youth ministries” to the point that they basically resemble a rock concert. Darkened stages, lasers, dry ice, and rock music betray the “market-driven” approach that is ironically pushing their youth out the door. The problem is “preference.” “Market-driven youth ministry” gives young people […]

It Has Always Been Around

A lot of Christians are caught up in the idea that the present time is the only time filled with strife, division, and false teaching. Churches of Christ have always had strife (Philippians 1:15-16), division (3 John 9-10), false teachers (2 Peter 2:1-3), false gospels (Galatians 1:6-9), perverse members (Acts 20:29-30; Jude 4), and servants […]

Adam and Jesus

Our Sunday morning Bible class has been studying Romans, and the power of this book is always striking to me. In Romans 1-4, the topic of righteousness through faith in Christ and man’s individual responsibility for his sin and response to Christ has been emphasized in clear, prosaic language. In Romans 5:12-21, Paul sums up […]

Three Stages of a Congregation

People who study organizations claim that a typical organization goes through three stages in its lifetime. This is also true of a congregation unless it consistently renews its commitment to Christ and the task to which it is called. Let’s look at these three stages and maybe you can evaluate where this church is: The […]