How Do You Rediscover Your Passion?

“Passion” is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. The church at Ephesus had left their passion or first love (Revelation 2:5). This spiritual malady still afflicts some in the body of Christ. John gave three steps to recover: “Remember from where you have fallen.” Can you remember how it was when you were first […]

Why Is Repentance So Hard?

The command to repent is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, to persuade people to obey. Not only do non-members have a very real problem with this, but many members of the church do as well. Why is repentance so hard? There are at least four concepts that repentance involves that make it […]

Singing Praises in the Kingdom of God #2

Advocates for mechanical instruments in worship offer many arguments for their use. There are three major arguments for instrumental music: First, God has not forbidden them. The premise that a thing is not forbidden unless God has said, “Thou shalt not” opens a flood gate of additions to God’s truth. God has not forbidden serving […]