How Do You Rediscover Your Passion?

“Passion” is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. The church at Ephesus had left their passion or first love (Revelation 2:5). This spiritual malady still afflicts some in the body of Christ. John gave three steps to recover:

  1. “Remember from where you have fallen.” Can you remember how it was when you were first baptized into Christ? You enjoyed peace from guilt-free living. You could never get enough of Christ.
  2. “Repent.” Repentance means that you’re ready to admit your faults and blame no one else. You go back to Jesus.
  3. “Do the first works.” For some that will mean studying His word, praying, living right, attending and participating in worship assemblies, associating with Christians, etc.

There are no shortcuts to restoring your lost love. You have to take all three steps specified by the Lord. Then and only then can you rediscover your passion.

Adapted from Harold Hancock