Top Ten Mistakes Parents Make With Teens

It might be difficult for some parents to read through, but here’s a top ten list that I’ve been wanting to write for a while. What are the worst mistakes parents who are Christians make with their teens? Expecting your teen to have a devotion to God that you do not have. You are teaching […]

The Prophecy of Genesis 15

God’s promise and prophecy to Abraham found in Genesis 15:13-16 is astonishing. To Abraham, who at the time of his vision had no offspring, God had promised that his descendants would multiply to the extent that they would number as the stars in the heavens. He promised Abraham that the land of Canaan — in […]

The Law of Liberty

There are many today who believe the religion of Christ is without law. They will say something like, “We are not under the law, but grace.” Their idea is, a man simply enjoys the grace of God without having to be concerned with the keeping of commandments. This is not so! First, James said, “But […]