Why You Should Be a Christian

Job said, “What is the Almighty, that we should serve him?” (Job 21:15). Do you really need to obey God? Is there any benefit to becoming one of God’s children? Moses made the decision to follow God although it looked to be a foolish choice to the world (Hebrews 11:24-26). There are three good reasons why you need to be a Christian.

First, God deserves respect. God created the world, but the respect we would pay Him goes beyond ownership. He cares for you and loves you (Hebrews 12:9). That love should compel you to obey (2 Corinthians 5:14-15, 20-21).

Second, the world needs you. Matthew 5:13-16 shows how much good godly influence can accomplish (cp. Philippians 2:15-16). The influence of the godly is seen in Abraham’s intercession of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:16-33).

Third, your family needs you. Every good parent sees the need to provide for their family (1 Timothy 5:7-8). But there is a provision that is better than anything material you could give them (Matthew 6:33; 16:26). There is no denying the fact that a family is more stable, loving, and focused on what is right when the gospel is present. Why not follow everyone else?

Paul described the worldly person who was in opposition to the gospel, but he also told us that a Christian’s citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:18-20). The privilege of being a Christian is an incredibly worthy gift (John 3:16). You will never regret your obedience to the gospel!

Kyle Campbell

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(March 17-20, 2024)

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